Monday, 20 May 2013

{Review} Tony Moly: Dear-Me Waterful Cream

For first time visiters, WELCOME :D And a little info about my skin type, it is combination skin. And just a reminder, this is all base on my opinions: what works for you, may not work for me and vice versa. 

Hello! Recently, I have finished using the "Dr.G: Cream Full of Water" and decided to try something new! I asked for something similar to that since it really suited my skin and they recommended this. I would  it is almost the same; texture and effect. The only thing different is that it has scent, it has a fresh, light smell and the texture felt lighter, which is better for the hot summer days. Again, just like "Dr.G's Cream Full of Water", it maintains moisture in the skin for over 24hrs.; even if I wash my face with water it doesn't feel dry. 

My skin type: Combination
Improved: Maintains moisture, never feels dry
Rate: 10/10 JUST AWESOME

The price of this is quite reasonable, not on the expensive side; a bit below average price actually :)

It has 50ml of... "baby herb complex and its pure, 5 -Non Added, mild formula, prescription ingredients. In addition, it's 7 different natural vegetable patent extracts that work as skin barriers create a skin protection screen, while ample moisture that reaches deep into the skin prevents dryness in skin, transforming the skin into skin that is moist and shine." - Tony Moly: Dear-Me Waterful Cream's Box. 

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